Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On a Roll- Word Blend Game

This is a game I just made for Meara to practice creating word blends. She and I take turns rolling both a number(1 or 2 syllables) and blend cube. Then we create a word based on the results of the cube writing a one or two for the syllable of the word on the recording sheet. At the end we tally the number of syllables for each blend to determine which blend had the highest number of syllables.
They can be found at the links below:
Blend Cube 

On a Roll recording sheet

Number 1 and 2 Cube

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Vicki Tompkins said...

Very cute, I will be using this in my classroom. Thanks! Just started following your blog, hope I win the giveaway, my kiddos love gears and my set is small.